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Tax Compliance SingaporeTax Compliance and Advisory Services for Singapore Startups, Small Business and MNCs

Tax compliance refers to producing and submitting to IRAS tax authorities in required formats and being on time for making tax payments. In today’s dynamic economic world, tax compliance and implications are complicated yet pivotal for every business in Singapore. There are even more challenges experienced with the centralisation of finance and accounting functions which can lead to risk of compliance failure.

The following are some of the compliance risk issues or commonly made mistakes by companies:

  1. Understatement of Income.
  2. Claiming deductions for non-deductible expenses.
  3. Claiming remuneration to related parties (directors’ parents, spouses, children, siblings)
  4. Incorrect claim of expenses.

All taxpayers should have a good understanding of the compliance risk or issues in order to avoid tax compliance negligence which can lead to adverse financial implications. Anchorage Consulting is dedicated to help you in ensuring compliance with the tax regulations while optimizing your tax position. We provide tax services as follows:

  • Filing of estimated chargeable income (ECI)
  • Preparation and submission of corporate income tax returns
  • Preparation and submission of personal income tax returns
  • Attendance to IRAS queries and clarifications on tax matters
  • Tax incentives and schemes applications
  • Tax planning advisory
  • Review of compliance with Goods & Services Tax and Withholding Taxes
  • Preparation and filing of GST
  • Transfer pricing documentations and review

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